1. Quality Control of Raw Materials

As a market-leading manufacturer in the field of microbial technology, the safety of our products is one of our first concerns. Our raw materials arrive, carefully sourced from certified and safe entities, and then assessed according to strict quality control requirements before quality production lines.

2. Quality Control of Production Processes

- Our production and manufacturing processes meet GMP and ISO standards evaluated and appraised through third party control by independent and reputable organizations - Our probiotics are manufactured according to ISO 22000:2005 standards in food safety management systems in the sector of probiotics production. (Certified by VINCERT) - Our probiotics also adhere to controls necessitated by the TCVN 5603:2008 certificate on hazard analysis and critical control systems in the sector of probiotics production. (Certified by VINCERT)

3. Quality Control of Finished Product

- Before being distributed to the market, all our products are randomized, simultaneously and independently checked by our laboratory as well as by The Key Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology (KLEPT) at The University of Sciences under The Vietnam National University, Hanoi. - Factory products are required to meet standards for global export such as guaranteeing The United States Pharmacopeia <61>.



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