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Black Garlic Pork Hot Pot

Yield: 1 serving

Sliced Pork | 400g

Chinese Cabbage   | 200g

Spinach  | 100g

Black Garlic Umami Sauce | 1 Bottle

Sesame Oil  | 2 Tbsp

Tofu | 100g



1.      Prepare a pot, put all the ingredients in. Boil up with stock.

2.     When boiled, add in Black Garlic Umami Sauce. Serve hot.

Black Garlic Umami French Bread

Yield: 1 serving


French Bread | 1/2 loaf

Olive Oil  | 10g

Parsley | Preferable Amount

Butter | 10g

Black Garlic Umami Sauce | 2 Tsp



1.      Prepare a heat-resistant plate, put in butter, olive oil and Black Garlic Umami Sauce to microwave for a few seconds.

2.     Cut French bread to several pieces. Spread the butter and serve.

Beef Curry

Yield: 1 serving


Beef | 300g

Olive Oil | 1 Tbsp

Instant Curry Cube | Preferable Amount

Stock Cube  | 2 pcs

Salt  | 1 Tsp

Water  | 200 c.c.

Black Garlic Umami Sauce  | 1 bottle

Onion  | 2 pcs

Plain Yogurt | 200 c.c.

Canned Tomato  | 1 can



1.     Bring a bowl, add in Black Garlic Umami Sauce and beef to marinade overnight.

2.     Prepare a frying pan, pan fry steak till brown.

3.     Add in onion and keep stir frying,

4.     Put in the rest of the ingredients and Black Garlic Umami Sauce.

5.     Cook until the soup become thick, serve hot.

Potato Pork Stew

Yield: 2 servings


Sliced Beef  | 80g

Carrots  | 1/2 pc

Water | 1 cup

Black Garlic Umami Sauce| 2 Tbsp

Mirin  | 1 Tbsp

Onion | 1/2 pc

Potatoes  | 2 pcs





1.     Chunk cut all the vegetables.

2.    Heat up a frying pan, add in olive oil and sliced beef, and all the vegetables in order. Saute till fragrant.

3.    Add in water, Black Garlic Umami Sauce and mirin and let simmer for 30 mins.

4.    Cook until the juice is a bit reduced. Serve hot.

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