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Garlic Growing


unlike the varieties of 6-cloves garlic that is popular in Japan. We grow the 9-cloves garlic that is unique and suitable to southern Japan that is famous for its spiciness and pungency.  

Garlic Selecting


after harvest, the garlic will have to be handpicked to make sure that the quality is good enough to become black garlic.

Garlic Ageing


we spent six years on fine-tuning the air flow of the ageing chamber with local university to create this one of a kind machine. the unique technology of the chamber allows the sulfuric smell and compound to come out of garlic and leave the pure sweetness when it becomes black garlic.

Black Garlic Inspection


all the black garlic bulbs will have to be broken up and inspect the cloves individually to make sure that each clove is up to par in terms of the color, flavor and texture.

Metal Detection


each clove of black garlic you are about to enjoy should be safe and secure.

that is why all the black garlic has to go through metal detection to check there's no metal involved in the product.

Final Check Before Shipping


all the products will be checked one last time before they are packed to make sure that there's no foreign objects or less qualified cloves are involved.

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