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We grow the best garlic

The alphabet M represents Miyazaki, MOMIKI Inc and M-Farmland.


In order to produce safe,secured, pesticide-free garlic,

MOMIKI Inc. established the farming company, M-Farmland in 2014.


We cultivate garlic and other vegetables such as zucchini, color carrots, and onions by using

JAS organic fertilizer called " Black Garlic Power SR" made from black garlic produced by MOMIKI.


We use recycle-based farming to protect our land from synthetic fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide. 


Every black garlic you take is a way of showing support of sustainable agriculture

and help forming a better local economy.




eat locally, think globally

Miyazaki is the birthplace of Japanese mythology,

it's famous for warm sunshine, clean water and wonderful natures, which creates the

top-rated wagyu beef, hyuganatsu(citrus) and garlic.

It's also the home of 9-cloves garlic, it's hotter than normal 6-cloves ones grown in other places

and sweeter after aged. 

MOMIKI insists to grow garlic in organic ways to protect our land for generations to come. 

Because we understand our social responsibility is not only to make the best product

but also take very good care of our producers and our lands,

with more farms being left behind and demographic getting chronically enhanced, it's our duty to create a positive working and living environment for local farmers and workers.

Happy farmers = Good products  



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