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We make the best black garlic

Subcontracting to a big enterprise assembling components with more than a hundred
employees 42 years ago in Miyazaki, we were faced to move and shutdown due to the
change of the company policy.

We realized the best way to keep everyone employed is to make the best use of our
know-how on electronics and turn it into a new business.
Consequently in 2007 MOMIKI was reborn.

We spent 6 years of research on fine tuning the air flow of the aging chamber to
create black garlic without bitterness, pungency but pure sweetness.
With years gone by, more products are developed under the idea of additive free,
handcrafted and 100% made in Japan.

Our biggest mission is to let other people as passionate about black garlic as we are,
that is why we came to work everyday with a vision believing that someone right now
somewhere in the world, is happy and energetic because of our black garlic.
And we will continue to deliver that mission.



It's what's on the inside that counts

【Carefulness】- Manufacture

We produce all of our products with high quality force and the technique only MOMIKI can provide.

We sincerely convey that our products make people happy.

【Improvement】- Mental Training

We learn from each other through our daily work, improve skills and mental strength to create a team with whom each member has a strong sense of responsibility.

【Cooperation】- Keeping in Mind

 We understand our jobs and we cooperate with each other.

We have built a working environment which makes our lives prosper.

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