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What Is Black Garlic?

Black garlic is ordinary garlic that has gone through a high heat, long duration, aging process. The garlic is aged for a long period, which allows the sweet flavor to become richer. The garlic is fermented as a whole bulb, and when it emerges from the fermentation process it has changed color, texture, taste, and has completely different uses when compared to regular garlic.

Why Is It Sweet?

The secret to sweetness comes from the varieties of garlic and the skin.

We choose 9-cloves garlic grown in Miyazaki, it's hotter than the usual 6-cloves garlic so it will be sweeter after aging process. The carbohydrates inside are broken down into sugar, there's no honey or licorice added during aging process, all additive-free.

The other reason is the skin, we age the garlic without removing the skin, which can preserve the sweetness from getting out during aging process. 

How Do I Eat?

Just remove the skin and enjoy!

It's recommended to take 1 piece on empty stomach before breakfast. But of course you can take whenever you want.

Little reminders: don't throw away the peeled skin, you can make tea out of it or use it as fertilizer for your plants.

Remember 1 piece a day keeps doctors away.

Where Is the Garlic Grown?

The garlic is all grown and harvested in Miyazaki Prefecture. Even though Aomori is the most

well-known place for garlic, Miyazaki is actually the 3rd place in terms of garlic harvest in Japan.

Comparing to the usual 6-cloves garlic, we grow 9-cloves ones which is hotter in raw and will be much sweeter after aged.


Benefits of Black Garlic?

Black garlic is well-known for its antioxidant.

Antioxidant has two types, water-soluble and fat-soluble.  Water-soluble antioxidant is like Vitamin C can get rid of free radicals of our bodies whereas fat-soluble works like Vitamin E can protect our cells from damaging. 

Take in antioxidant rich food can keep you healthy and whole, black garlic contains both water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidant.

It's suitable for those who are tired easily, more energy needed or seeking stronger immunity.

Can Kids Eat Black Garlic?

It's absolutely fine to let kids have black garlic.

If's also suggested to try our black garlic noodles or sauces, they all have black garlic inside and its' easy to eat.

How Do I Store Black Garlic?

Keep away from direct sunshine and high humidity environment.

It's fine to store in room temperature if you live in dry areas, however, it's suggested to wrap the packet with used newspaper and preserve in the freezer once you opened it.

Don't worry about the texture, it actually taste more like ice cream!

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