Organic Green Tea/Black Tea with Black Ginger

MOMIKI Inc. proudly present you the one and only organic Japanese green tea infused with black ginger.

Black ginger is not a new specie of ginger, like black garlic, it's normal ginger that undergoes aging process which slowly turns ginger to dark. It also increases the gingerol and shogaol, both are the compounds unique to ginger and are beneficial to human bodies in terms of raising body temperature and relieving joint pains.

Incorporating the special rare variety of " Asatsuyu" green tea, which is well known for its mellow flavor, and the unique aged black ginger. The green tea has a hint of refreshing fragrance with a subtle spiciness comes after, it's a new tea fashion that will warm you up in the coming autumn.

The product will have its debut at Food Expo Kyushu on Oct 3-4 in Fukuoka, Japan. Come take a look and try if you are nearby.

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