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Black Garlic Chicken Soup

If you are thinking about this is the American chicken soup then you are wrong.

For those of you ever beento Taiwan, Hong Kong or China, then you would've probably seen or had it before.

Like America, chicken soup is a very common family food,but the idea is to put the whole chicken into a pot and add in mushrooms, bring it to boil then simmer for a while and it's done.

You can replace mushrooms to any spice you like such as garlic, peeled pickled pepper(it's the best BTW), just hold on to the principle that never put in too many ingredients cuz you want to taste the flavor of the chicken instead of the spices.

It's very simple to cook yet full of nutrition and so tasty , also it's commonly believed the best energy recovery food for women after they gave birth or whoever wants to be more energetic.

Long story short, we found it's also quite tasty to use black garlic as ingredients, since there's the white version of garlic chicken soup ,why not give the black one a chance?

Try this at home some time, with the power of black garlic and the pure sweetness of chicken we bet you'll have one bowl after another on and on and on till you have the whole thing up.

I'm hungry now, darn it :(

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