Garlic Harvest

The harvest season has finally arrived in Miyazaki.

Our staffs at M-farmland have been extremely busy for the past few weeks, checking the size of the garlic, making sure it is in its best condition for harvest.

After a long year wait, and luckily no catastrophic or inclimate weather to mess around, we all were really happy to see how big the garlic has grown. And of course, special thanks to those farmers who dedicated themselves regardless it's chilly-windy or hot and humid outside. They are the greatest!

Last Saturday even staffs in the office came to the garlic field to help and check one more time before the harvest, we checked garlic stem one by one and nipped them in the bud so that no excessive nutrition would be drained to keep garlic from growing bigger.

Who would have thought that garlic stems can be so watery when you nip it, and the crunchy sound and texture just make you want to keep on going nonstop!

What a day when you are finally at home and enjoy the garlic stir fry beef for dinner :-)

To life!

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